What is Crypto SD Cards?

Crypto SD Cards are a type of non-fungible token (NFT) that are stored on a secure digital (SD) card. They function similarly to a cold wallet, which is a secure storage solution for cryptocurrency, but also allow for customization of the design. The main goal of Crypto SD Cards is to provide a way to store NFTs in a cold wallet while also allowing users to choose a design that reflects their personal taste.

There are already USB cold wallets available for storing cryptocurrency, but they have a fixed design and are only intended for storing crypto coins. In contrast, Crypto SD Cards are designed specifically for storing NFTs and offer the added feature of customizable design.

When will Physical Cards be released?

Crypto SD Cards are not a physical product, but rather a digital asset stored on a secure digital card. They can be bought and sold on online marketplaces that support NFTs, such as Opensea and Rarible.

The project is being managed as a start-up, and in the past, start-ups were created, designed, and presented to angel investors in order to receive funding. This process was facilitated by companies like Kickstarter, which helped popular projects receive funding through donations.

However, the team behind Crypto SD Cards is planning to fund the project through sales of NFTs. This means that people can buy and trade the NFTs they purchase. In the future, the team plans to gift a free Crypto SD Card to anyone who buys an NFT.

What are the Features of Crypto SD Cards?

The features of Crypto SD Cards are designed with a rarity system in mind. For example, a card has six main features: case, board, memory, pin, rarity, and encryption. The most valuable and rare items are typically determined based on these characteristics.

How are the Quantities of CryptoSDCards Adjusted?

It is more cost-effective to produce Crypto SD Cards in larger quantities, rather than producing a single card due to production costs. Therefore, it is more efficient to produce at least five of a particular type of card.

How Will It Be Connected With Metaverse?

The metaverse refers to the virtual world, and in the future, it is expected that there will be multiple metaverses owned by different companies. It is not yet clear how these metaverses will be connected to each other.

The team behind Crypto SD Cards is anticipating this and plans to use NFTs stored on Crypto SD Cards to move and transfer between metaverses for use.

In Which Country Is The Blodies Team Located?

The Blodies team is made up of artists from various countries around the world, and they plan to expand the team by adding more collaborators in the future. This project is intended to be a global project and not tied to any particular country. As the project progresses, the team plans to open a headquarters in New York.

To protect the identities of the team members and the creator of Crypto SD Cards, the team has chosen not to disclose this information at this time, in accordance with the NFT world.

Which Market Should I Buy Crypto SD Cards From?

Currently, Crypto SD Cards can be purchased on the Opensea and Rarible marketplaces. The Rarible marketplace also offers access to Crypto SD Cards on the Tezos network through cross-chain technology.

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